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2022 Nationals Update/Solent Forts Race

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Happy new year to everyone, I hope you are all keeping well?

I have an announcement to make with regards to an exciting new venue for our 2022 Nationals. Hayling Ferry Sailing Club have kindly agreed to accommodate the Unicorn fleet for our championship on the run up to the Solent Forts Race.

Some of you may recall that Gary and I took part in the Solent Forts Race last year and have since floated the idea of holding our Nationals around this event. Hayling Ferry SC is a friendly club situated among the sand dunes on the south western corner of the island (not to be confused with Hayling Island Sailing Club located on the East side).

The intention is to start our Unicorn National series on Thursday 23rd June and complete by Saturday lunchtime 25th June. The Solent Forts Race will be optional for those who want to stay on and compete. There is a shorter practice race on the Saturday afternoon with the main Forts Race starting Sunday morning. These races will not form part of the National series.

On the social side, there is usually a sumptuous barbecue and outdoor live music on the Saturday evening. The Thursday and Friday evenings we can arrange our own chilled socialising.

I will highlight the benefits of this venue:

Racing will take place directly off Southsea beach.

If the breeze is in the upper range there is scope to race on sheltered waters inside Langstone Harbour.

It is possible for camper vans to pitch up at the top of the beach in front of the clubhouse.

Plenty of BnB’s, pubs and restaurants in the area. Nearest pub just a few hundred metres from the club, right on the foreshore.

Within sailing distance of Stokes Bay Sailing Club so easy access for the Stokes Bay fleet.

Heads up - less than 6 months to this event so get organised!

Plenty of time between this event and Stone Week, which is scheduled for the first week of August.

Please be advised that this is a provisional announcement and I will update you all with more accurate details in the coming weeks. We ask if you can all make the effort to attend this event as obviously there will be a lot of volunteering going on to make this happen.

If you have any initial queries or concerns probably best to private message me.

All the best


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