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2023 Season is upon us...

Hi all,

It's now just over a month away till the first race event of the 2023 season kicks off at Bala SC, starting May 6th.

* If you haven't already, please make sure you've paid your membership subs in order for your results to count towards the Traveller Trophy 🏆 *


A new short film is forthcoming, so keep an eye on socials and the website for its release.

For Sale

If you have a Unicorn for sale, or know anybody who is looking to sell one, or even just parts for the cats, please let me know via email, Facebook message or the form on this website. That way I can post to the website for everyone to see.


In 2022, we saw a good turnout at the Hayling Ferry Nationals of 8. I'm sure everyone will agree that we can confidently make that at least double digits this year!

The Nationals will be held at Weston SC on Southampton Water - a 3 day event kicking off on June 16th.

Happy sailing!

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